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Zen Oracle – Hardware

Introducing the world’s first micro ridge face technology – scientifically proven to improve accuracy and deliver consistent results on the Green.

Zen RDE Blade putter series are scientific instruments created to orchestrate virtuoso performance on the putting green.

While the dimples on the golf ball are essential for the flight, they are less desirable on the Putting Green, why?  A phenomena known as “Dimple Error” is one of the principle factors that divert the ball off line at the point of impact. As the Putting Green gets faster and golf balls get harder, this adverse effect is magnified particularly for the shorter Putts? In fact, scientific evaluation proves it is possible to miss a putt from only 5 feet!

Now enter the Zen ‘RDE’ (Reduced Dimple Error) patented technology that incorporates precisely milled Ridges (not grooves). These work to enlarge the contact area between the ball and putter face to reverse this frustrating problem.

While it is essential to start your Putts on the right line, it is also important to control the distance. This is particularly the case for breaking putts which account for the majority of strokes on the Green. Here, the Zen impact technology works to take energy out of the stroke which promotes an important factor known as dwell time or impact duration. This frees the golfer to make a pure and expressive stroke which consequently provides essential feedback for gauging the precise tempo required for perfect distance control. The results are remarkable and one that is most talked about by Tour Players and Amateurs alike who experience  the extraordinary sensation of “flow” generated through the impact zone ….the putter feels like is simply glides through the ball!

New for the 2014 season, Zen will release the RDE “Wave” face technology. The new geometry builds on the exclusive reputation Zen has created using a highly intensive multi-step milling process. Each putter is crafted from forged blocks of virgin grade 303 stainless steel and entirely milled to ensure 100% crystalline integrity, these new Zen putters stand alone as a technical Tour de Force and peerless as the ultimate statement of design, performance and pleasure.