Our ultimate objective is to enable you to enjoy golf and all the health benefits it has to offer in Life.
We recognised that no one technique or technology can provide the answer. Instead, a Holistic approach is called into play where a fusion of Mind, Body & Motion guide the Player along the path to success.
The exclusive Zen putters are Made in Sheffield, England and incorporate patented cutting edge technology that provide a measurable improvement to your performance and enjoyment of the game.

The Art of Golf. There comes a time when a perfect synergy of Confidence and Competence frees us from conscious technique and our Stroke is released to create real magic on the Greens. Now we enter the moment when the act of Putting takes on an Art form and where the Mind is empowered to guide the Stroke. The Game’s greatest exponents often recite these experiences when they enter a zone of heightened perception, free from fear and anxiety…welcome to the world we call Zen.

Exclusive. Zen was the first company to create a legally conforming putter with a “built-in” training function. It was an instant Game Changer which was quickly voted the number 1 training system in putting. For the first time Players using the Zen Oracle putter were able to obtain the essential “direct feedback” on their stroke parameters using the same club they can put into play. This revolutionary concept quickly caught the attention of Tour Players and the international Coaching fraternity who were impressed by its elegant simplicity and immediate results. Today, the Zen Flow Motion training system has become a fundamental component in the Golf Coaching tool box of those eager to accelerate their learning as well as those who aspire to be the very best in the world.

Continuing along the path of innovation, we have built the world-first, computer-controlled putting platform, the Zen Green Stage, which enables golfers to practice an almost limitless number of breaking putts. Mastering the art of green reading in a comfortable indoor environment.Three standard sizes ranging from 12 to 20ft takes seconds to adjust from one slope to another, and can offer golfers challenging double-breaking putts on our quest to master every putt in the scoring zone.

New for 2017. Zen Green Stage & PuttView introduce augmented reality designed to create the ultimate immersive environment for learning and play. PuttView offers a new training experience through the use of state-of-the-art visualisation technologies which are transposed onto the Zen Green Stage which allow the player to experience the most significant putts in the history of Golf.

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