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New 2017 model available soon…

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World’s first Tour Performance putter with Training system guaranteed to improve your Stroke.

  • New “Roll Wave” face technology – scientifically proven accuracy – reduces skidding – improves distance control.
  • 100% milled from high grade aircraft alloy with hard anodised finish.
  • Head weight: 350gms
  • Loft: 2°
  • Lie adjustment: +/- 3°
  • Grip: Bespoke Winn AVS pistol.
  • Colours: Carbon or
  • Special order: Satin, Gold, Red, Blue & Green: c. 2 week delivery.



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Pink, Carbon, Blue (2 week delivery), Gold (2 week delivery), Green (2 week delivery), Red (2 week delivery), Satin (2 week delivery)


32", 32.5", 33", 33.5", 34", 34.5", 35", 35.5", 36"

2 reviews for Zen Oracle – 2017 Model Available Soon

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    Zen Oracle – Comments from Top Coaches & Players

    Scott Cranfield, Founder of Cranfield Golf Academies, Leading TV & European Tour Coach.
    “If you are committed to better putting and working with the laws of how the human mind and body work then the Zen I is quite simply the best training device for putting on the market!  Compared to being restrained by a gadget or a particular model you get to learn and make changes to your putting stroke consciously and sub-consciously.  YOU create the change and not some outside force.  The Zen Oracle is effective because it makes putting natural which means the results are sustainable!  Simply put if you want to lower your scores by becoming a great putter, Zen Oracle is a must have.”

    Karl Morris, Europe’s Leading Golf Mind Coach
    It is very rare these days that I get excited about a golf training product as I have seen far too many over the years that are both ineffective and expensive. So it was a tremendous change to see such a wonderfully PRACTICAL and APPLICABLE tool as the Zen Oracle Putting Trainer. You WILL become a better putter as a result of this training aid and the beauty of it is its portability and practicality. I have known Nick for a long time and you can rest assured the countless hours that have gone into the research and development of this product have resulted in something unique. It will be your LOSS if you don’t take advantage of this technology and apply it to your desire to become a better putter.

    Pete Cowen, #1 European Tour Coach.
    “The Zen Oracle training system helps you develop your feel for the stroke and a sense of true Release. The Tour Players I coach have been amazed how quickly this training system becomes their own best teacher. I would rank this as one of the most essential components in the Golf coaching tool set”

    Dr. Joe Parent, leading US PGA Tour Golf Psychologist and Author of top selling Zen Golf and Zen Putting.

    “The Zen Oracle is simply the best training system for grooving flow and tempo in your stroke. It’s the perfect partner for my coaching work. No wonder the Pros love it”

    Dr. Christian Marquardt, Leading Neuroscientist in Golf and inventor of Science & Motion Putt Lab.
    “The Zen Oracle is an outstandingly efficient training tool because it supports your intuitive competences and at the same time provides objective feedback for a neutral swing path and a smooth stroke rhythm. From the perspective of motor learning, the intuitive use of trainings aids is crucial. Motor learning is defined as a search for an optimal solution for a given task, and Zen Oracle provides brilliant feedback to naturally find your best solution for a consistent putting stroke. As many training aids directly deliver pre-defined solutions they constrain your stroke and make you act consciously which actually hinders learning. In contrast, Zen Oracle is an inconspicuous tool and does not attract attention to the tool itself. I strongly recommend the Zen Oracle to any golfer who wants to become a great putter.”

    Tony Bennett, PGA Master Professional.
    “I have used the Zen Oracle putter for over five years now. I started using the putter in practice so that I could perform the various training drills and it seemed only natural that having used it so much in practice that I should use it in play. The new Zen Oracle is a tremendous update that allows everyone to use their normal putter to perform the most useful and beneficial drills and best of all the putter can revert to normal in just a few seconds. Once more Nick has created a deceptively simple but excellent practice / teaching tool.”

    Graham Walker, Formative Coach to Danny Willett (former World #1 Amateur), English Golf Union, European Tour Coach, Top 25 Golf Monthly Coach.
    I introduced the Zen Oracle training concept to my golf schools in where it continues to be a fundamental part of my teaching philosophy aimed at developing the Champions of tomorrow. It certainly works to intensify the correct feelings of the putting stroke and many use it to correct long term faults in just minutes.”

    Ian Rae, Scottish National Coach in charge of talent development resulting in two European Team Championships, World, European, British, Irish, Australian & USA Amateur Champions.
    “I’m a long standing advocate of the Zen Oracle training system. It’s easy to use and the feedback on the putter path is second to none.  Both Coach and Player can quickly detect any errors before they become deep rooted. The feel from the Zen transfers effectively into a tournament putting stroke with long lasting results”.

    Steve North, Director of Instruction at St Andrews Links Golf Academy.
    “The Zen Oracle is an essential tool in the St Andrews Links Golf Academy putting studio. Here, we use it in conjunction with the Science & Motion Putt Lab to provide immediate and compelling evidence as to its effectiveness for golfers of all skill levels.  The training drills quickly correct any compensations and emphasizes the feedback required to master a consistent putting stroke.”

    Dr. Stephen Simpson, Elite Sports Performance Coach and author of bestselling “Play Magic Golf”; a ground breaking accelerated learning concept that fuses his work with NLP founder Dr Richard Bandler and the latest psychological techniques.
    “I am a student of the Mind, and therefore have doubts about the lasting value of many of the golf gadgets currently on the market. Not so with this new invention from Nick Middleton of Zen Oracle. My putting is usually in good shape, but within seconds of using the Zen Oracle, I was quite shocked to see how quickly it showed up ways to improve my stroke. Just 30 minutes on the practice green with the Zen Oracle and a 5-minute check up with my Coach was all it took to move my putting to the next level. The Zen Oracle method does not only work in practice. In my next competition – a Pro Am – I went round with only 28 putts. The results are incredible for such a small investment in cost and time. I recommend this product without hesitation.”

    Jamie Edwards, Leading Sports Performance Coach.
    “Zen Oracle is NOT just another gadget or fad. It’s an extension of YOU that will amplify and replicate that same stroke all the great putters have when in the groove.”
    Paul Eales, European Tour winner, Instinctive Golf Coach, BBC TV & Radio Commentator
”You never stop learning. If you remain open and willing to explore, then you will be amazed at the skills that lie within. The Zen is an ingenious system that enables the Player to” FEEL” the right movement without getting caught up by too many thoughts”

    Darren Webster-Clarke, European Tour & Team Norway Lead Coach.
    “A unique simple and effective devise to ensure the player gets a full understanding for Rhythm and Tempo. I use the Zen Oracle with beginners through to Tour Players and they all agree it has helped them.”

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pete S.

    When you look at the drills, they make sense. After playing for 25 years, I dropped four putts per 18 holes, using the Zen Oracle for 5-10 minutes a day for a week. It’s is the best aide for keeping your putter face square longer, and accelerating thru contact. If you are a serious golfer, you need this club. Period. This club even helps professionals. Remember a few years back when Jesper went from 158th in putting to first in one week and won a tournament? This was his putting aside.
    I bet if Lexi Thompson tried this club, she could join the PGA and be a top-100 player. 280-yd driving average, 78℅ GIR, and 141st in putting. Turn that last number to top-30, and she would bank.

    • zen903hjf0jf03jhr0

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for your kind words of support for our Zen Oracle putter.

      Regards, Nick Middleton,
      Founder / Inventor

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