Zen Oracle – Hardware 

scientifically proven to improve accuracy and deliver consistent results on the Green.

The Putting Mechanics Edition represents the perfect fusion of style and performance.

New for the 2016 season, built to exacting standards each putter is individually computer milled in Sheffield from 100% Stainless Steel by certified aerospace engineers. The multi-part construction sets a new marque for customisation and personalised fitting options.

What’s more, the new Zen “Wave” milled  face technology is scientifically proven to reduce adverse spin, but also enhances impact dwell-time which combines to promote a more confident and committed stroke that’s charged with responsive feel for pin point distance control.

Satin & Diamond Black finish. Interchangeable components for unlimited customisation and ultimate performance.

0 to 2.5 degrees Foll Face profile.

Straight or Double Bend shaft.

Selection of S/Steel milled Hosels. Custom options inc. Weight Pack,

Available in Left & right handed Leather Head Cover and grip options.

The ZA Range of ZEN BLADE Putters – shown in Satin, Satin & Black and Black

The ZZ Range of ZEN BLADE Putters – shown in Satin, Satin & Black and Black

The ZIM Range of ZEN BLADE Putters – shown in Satin, Satin & Black and Black

The Centenary Blade Range of ZEN BLADE Putters – shown in Satin, Satin & Black and Black

While it is essential to start your Putts on the right line, it is also important to control the distance. This is particularly the case for breaking putts which account for the majority of strokes on the Green. Here, the Zen impact technology works to take energy out of the stroke which promotes an important factor known as dwell time or impact duration. This frees the golfer to make a pure and expressive stroke which consequently provides essential feedback for gauging the precise tempo required for perfect distance control. The results are remarkable and one that is most talked about by Tour Players and Amateurs alike who experience  the extraordinarysensation of “flow” generated through the impact zone ….the putter feels like is simply glides through the ball!


History has shown there to be certain times or events when our passion and fervour for progress drives man to seek the ultimate in purity and performance. That time is Now, as the Sheffield region once again is at the epicenter of an industrial revolution and is prepared for the nest big leap forward into the future where we will witness the impossible made possible through an innovative approach to innovation; one that fees our imagination to believe …..and so become totally amazing!