TRACER : Instant feedback on your alignment of putter face and swing path.

The Routine: Specifically designed for short range “makeable”   6-8 foot putts. Place a ball in the aperture and one in front of the face. Use the swing attributes acquired from Zen Reflex & Release drills to groove a smooth accelerating stroke that strikes the ball off the face and ejects the following along the same target path in close procession…The objective is to sink both balls.

How ZenTracer works. This drill synchronises all the mechanics of the putt. The ball struck off the putter face confirms correct putter alignment and the ejected ball confirms your swing path and release action are all moving in the same direction.

The Result. Zen Tracer builds powerful confidence and technique required to conquer the short range putts. Mastering this tough drill means you are now armed with a unique level of confidence vital   to make this pressure shot second nature in competitive play.