TRACKER : Builds tempo & control to train a repeatable takeaway, impact and stroke release action for every length of putt.

The Routine: Place a ball in the aperture and one in front of the face. With the back stroke, eject the ball rearward along the target line, then, with a smooth forward accelerating stroke, release the club through impact to finish up along the same target line.

How Zen Tracker works. This “metronome style” routine subconsciously fuses the benefits of Zen Release & Impact into one simple yet powerful action. Repeat the exercise; letting the balls acts as markers on the ground to confirm consistency and alignment in your swing path and swing pace.

The Results. Zen Tracker unlocks your subconscious putting potential by allowing you to learn and rehearse perfect mechanics in live action. This drill helps to “program” accurate distance control and enables you develop the correct technique required to eradicate the “3 putt” syndrome.